United Nations Initiative

Alliance for Oral Health Across Borders United Nations Program:

In support ofour mission, the Alliance of Oral Health Across Borders is developing a presence at the United Nations to help raise the global awareness of oral health as part of total health. We are in philosophical alignment with the key priority actions stated by the UN in describing its goal of Universal Health Coverage by 2030 initiative.

Some, but not all of the United Nations Key Priority Actions include:

  • Provide quality, affordable health care services, prioritizing those populations that have been “left behind,” or are often excluded from universal health coverage in their countries,
  • Address the compounding effects of poverty; gender inequalities; discrimination based on ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity on those left behind when developing and/or updating policies and budgets.
  • Create mechanisms to promote community participation in health governance to ensure transparent decision-making and accountability, as well as effective monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to guide the development of policies and strategies towards achieving Universal Health Coverage.

It is now essential for the world to understand that oral disease is the most prevalent noncommunicable disease and shares many risk factors with other noncommunicable diseases. The time is now for us to utilize theUnited Nations forum to bring this discussion forward.

Our decision to support the Civil Society Priority Actions for the UN High-Level Meeting (UN HLM) on Universal Health Coverage (UHC), is evidenced by our attendance atinteractive multi-stakeholder hearing (April 29, 2019) as well as the UN High Level Meeting on Universal Health Care (September 23, 2019).

In follow up to the interactive multi-stakeholder hearing, the Alliance published a collaborative statement with 7 other oral health organizations which within 2 weeks received over 2000 views, including those from the World Health Organization, as well as medical professionals. We created agroup of oral care organizations in an effort to gain a greater profile in the UN, as they favor promotional statements from constituent groups. Our collaborative group included the Alliance of Oral Health Across Borders, Miracle Corners of the World, the International Students Association, the Academy of Dentistry International, Dental Wellness Trust, Unspoken Smiles, and the Alliance for a Cavity Free Future.

In June 2019 the Alliance for Oral Health Across Borders filed an official application to upgrade our special registration status to that of consultative status within United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). If accepted, we will have the distinction to officially be the fourth oral health organization within that part of the UN. This status comes with some advantages in negotiating the complex UN system.