Continuing Conversations


This program seeks to influence the global interconnectedness of health issues, through creation of an ongoing series of “Continuing Conversations”.  Traditionally, the main issue on the global agenda was to address  communicable disease. However, the effects of non-communicable disease on total health, especially overlaid with the issue of the Covid-19 global pandemic, makes treatment of the underserved even more of a unique challenge. This needs to be highlighted even more than before in education of  the global dental community and other stakeholders involved.


In an effort to provide a forum on current issues and challenges, i.e. Covid-19, the Alliance for Oral Health Across Borders has developed “Continuing Conversations” in collaboration with Aegis Communications, as a  vehicle for the global dental community to exchange ideas, on specific critical topics. All programming will be overseen by our founding member Dr. Micharel Glick, Immediate Past Editor of the Journal of the American Dental Association.

Participants on the original date of the “ Continuing Conversation” airing will receive one continuing Education Credit.  All Conversations will be available On Demand through our website for access to all at any time.  Should you be pleased with our offering, a contribution through our website to support these good works will be greatly appreciated.

Inaugural Webinar:
Achieving Social Equity and Justice: A Call to Action of Oral Healthcare Leaders Featuring Dr. Cherae Farmer Dixon, Dean School of Dentistry, Meharry Medical College
This powerful discussion presents a worthy framework to begin our initiative as it truly reflects all that we stand for and work to accomplish globally.
Our first “Continuing Conversations” Series addresses controversial issues and considerations in office openings during the COVID-19 Pandemic:
Topics (Dates to be announced):
  • 1. Tests and Testing
  • 2. Interpretation of test results
  • 3. Infection control and aerosols
  • 4. Safer dentistry
  • 5. Staff concerns
  • 6. Ethics and special needs at this difficult time